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Lipotab (LPT) White Paper

A Novel and Exciting Delivery Method for Supplements and Peptides

Discover the power of Liposomal LPT chewable tabs (lipotabs)

Liposomal LPT chewable tabs (lipotabs) provide a safe and more efficient way for the body to absorb nutrients, peptides and other targeted therapeutic compounds. LPTs do not have stability problems that plague the liposomal industry. LPTs are proven stable.

The name “liposome” is derived from two Greek words: “Lipos” meaning fat, and “Soma” meaning body. Liposomal delivery systems were first developed in the early 1960s and is part of what scientists call “nanotherapy” – making compounds smaller so they go from GUT to fitting into the cells more efficiently to cause a desired response. The first FDA approved liposomal drugs was the anti-cancer drug Doxil/doxorubicin in 1995. Currently, liposomes are successfully used in all types of drug delivery methods, and their applications in helping to treat complex biomedical issues is also progressively increasing.

Liposomes are lipid-based bilayer vesicles that can encapsulate, deliver, and release low-soluble drugs, supplements (herbs, vitamins/minerals, nutrients), peptides and other small molecules to a specific target site in the body, thus increasing therapeutic outcomes.

Why liposomal products?2

In general, liposomes are touted as a major advantage over regular oral delivery systems. Some of their benefits over general oral delivery include:

HOWEVER, liquid liposomal products have inherent stability issues.

Issues with Liquid Liposomes on the Market include3:

• Liquid liposomes are the most popular delivery method
  • Why? They are the easiest to make
• Requires heat
  • Makes product thermodynamically unstable
  • Decomposes active and inactive/inert ingredients (phospholipids)
• Leakage rate increases over time – shortens shelf-life of product
• Particles clump together to form larger and larger particle size
  • Liquid liposomes reported to grow from 100nm size to 3000nm over a 30-day period4
  • Larger particle size means less bioavailable
  • Larger size also means increased potential for side-effects

Most liposomal product particle size on the market is 100-300nm, whereas LIPOTABs are 60-130nm in size, which obviously increases their absorption and clinical effects.

Why choose oral chewable Lipotabs (LPT) over conventional Liquid Liposomes?5

• Technology invented 2018 by PHARMA scientist – patent-pending• Lipotabs do no required HEAT in production
Lipotabs are thermodynamically stable

  • No decomposition after tablet is pressed
  • No pharmacodynamic interactions
  • No substrate to facilitate reaction – unlike liquids
  • No leakage rate – actives “locked” in place w/ phospholipids
  • Stable particle size and distribution

• The smaller the particle size, the greater bioavailability

  • Lipotabs range from 60-130 nm vs. 100-300nm for liquid liposomes
  • Means lower dose for increased therapeutic effects
  • Lower potential for toxicity

• Non-toxic excipients *
• Tableted liposome “lipotab” much more effective dispersion than liquid liposomes
LPT particles don’t “clump” like liquid liposomes

  • Means Greater Bioavailability
  • Greater Stability
  • Superior Product
  • Superior Results

Lipotabs are safe, chewable, oral liposomal tablets manufactured using patented, small molecule technology to improve bioavailability and biological effects.

* Excipients used in Lipotab manufacturing includes: Dextrose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sunflower Lecithin, Beta Cyclodextrin, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.